Spores is the new Cardstarter IDO | Potential 100X NFT Gem on Cardano

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The Cardano ecosystem has taken the world of cryptocurrency by storm in the last year or so. They will continue to make news when their smart contract era launches with Gogen. This will be when the many decentralized applications, defi and nfts come to Cardano and the ecosystem will explode.

Cardstarter is a Cardano launchpad that has already launched some succesfull crypto currency projects. It’s newest launch with be the cryptocurrency called Spores. This is a DEFI NFT protocol that will bring many great options to the Cardano ecoystem. Since it is the first of it’s kind on Cardano it is expected to have some first mover advantage on its side.

Since Spores is backed by Cardstater I believe it is a relatevely safe project as far as a low cap early stage opportunity goes.

I am not a financial advisor cryptocurrency is very risky.

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