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Twitter- https://twitter.com/Cvers8 Just for crypto/NFT (I tweet several times a day)
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chrisverzwyvelt/ (Personal Journey)
Veve – “Chrisverzwyvelt” Brands – Coca-Cola – Secret Rare – Filter High to Low – (Follow/Like I post daily!)
Discord- My discord is now private DM me on twitter for vetting.

Find All These Under 1 Link: https://t.co/VH9Lkfxzyy


I roast my top tier Patrons a bag of coffee monthly and the tier is only currently $20 possibly going to change in the future.

Other benefits include special discord roles, S/O in my video descriptions, and sometimes in end credits. All my other information is free over my discord.

This is also a general support for my channel if the content I provide benefits you!

Current Patrons:


Other ways to buy my coffee: Website in progress currently if you would like just a bag then go here to purchase one please do not purchase anything else atm for it is in development. https://hiddengroundsla.com/

Where are my ADA, OMI, ETH, BTC, KCS, and HEX peeps?

*All of my videos are for entertainment purposes only and not financial advice. I want to document my investments, reevaluate my strategies, share my favorite cryptos, and put out information on how to do these things if you do your own research and decide on your own to do them. I believe this video is accurate on the day of posting, but things may change in the future.*

Sharing is caring!

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