Planet Mojo Upcoming AAA NFT Game! DON’T MISS IT!

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Planet Mojo is the Upcoming AAA NFT Game that you don’t want to miss!

This beautiful metaverse, where you can play-and-earn, has a big emphasis on artwork and an exciting gameplay!

Talking about the gameplay, in just around 2 months we’ll have our first 2 games from this beautiful fantasy world built on the Polygon blockchain:

– Mojo Melee, an auto battler where you’ll be able to play with your NFT Mojos and Champions;

– Biome, which is the land gameplay of Planet Mojo;

Your beautiful 3D Animated NFTs Mojos will be playable characters in both games and give you more opportunities to earn $MOJ, the governance token of this NFT Game.


Minting will happen soon either on Polkastarter or by getting whitelisted.
Here’s everything you need to know about NFT Minting in Planet Mojo:

June 1- New polkastarter sale date
6/2- Premint Signup Ends
6/3- Winners announced
6/6- Wave 1 Mint
6/7- Wave 2 Mint
6/8- Minting Ends
6/21- Mojo Reveal timed

When it comes to the team they’re simply experts. Developers from big companies like Lucas Arts, EA and Happy Giant and on top of that, they’ve worked together before!

When it comes to tokenomics we’re going to have an on-chain token $MOJ and an off-chain currency Ore.

Gameplay looks cool and fun and since it can be played from your browser it will available for everyone!

Artwork from my perspective it’s the biggest strength of this project. All Mojos and Champions are beautiful and detailed and bring you this feeling of being emerged in a fantasy Metaverse.

Hope you guys enjoy and don’t miss it! 🐐

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