Pegaxy 3D Gameplay : NFT Game & Play To Earn

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Trying the Pegaxy 3D Beta which was launched today.

Pegaxy Website:

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👀 What is an NFT:​
​💯 The Best Games to Earn NFTs:​
🔴 Live Dapps & NFT Rankings:​​
⛓️ List of all Multiverse Games:​
🔐 How To Protect Your NFT:​

📈 NFT Marketplaces:
👉 Opensea:​
👉 Rarible:​
👉 Foundation:​
👉 Arkane Market:​
👉 Superare:​
👉 EnjinX:​
👉 Atomic Market:​

💰 Need to get Crypto?
✔️ Kriptomat:​
✔️ Binance:​

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