NFTs for Strippers, Sex Workers, Simps, and Stars | #WomenInNFTs


NFTs for Strippers, Sex Workers, Simps, and Stars | #WomenInNFTs

In today’s video, Liren Jones joins me to discuss Women in NFTs, specifically the opportunities for sex workers in the NFT community. Whether you are a stripper, OnlyFans girl, Instagram model, or adult film actress, the NFT space is beginning to see more women-lead projects. Lana Rhoades, Irene Zhao, and SimpQueen Ari are a few name leading the way for a new wave of women entering the NFT community.

0:00 – Teaser
0:31 – #WomenInNFTs from All Walks of Life
0:51 – IreneDAO | Irene Zhao
5:52 – SimpQueenDAO | SimpQueen.eth
10:44 – Sex Workers Struggle for Respect
12:01 – NO NUDES?! SCAM!
16:20 – The Potential in NFTs for Sex Workers
18:52 – The Biggest Challenge Women Face with the NFT Community
21:12 – Lana Rhoades | CryptoSis
27:07 – 3 Different Women, 1 Similar Challenge
27:22 – The Future of NFTs for Sex Workers (and Women in General)
29:04 – Liren’s Message to Men |
29:43 – These Women are Leading the Way for others
30:24 – IT’S VERY EARLY!
31:26 – Men are “the enablers” | Liren’s Closing Remarks

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