How to Make an NFT Discord Server (Full Guide)

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This tutorial will show you how to make an NFT Discord server. Through this guide we teach you how to setup your NFT Discord server with bots and features that are useful to your project.

To have a successful Discord server you will need the right features and moderation to keep the server engagement up. We have created an NFT discord server template that you can use to start your server. With the template all of the channels and roles will automatically be set up for you.

When creating a Discord server you will want to enable community which will give your server additional features, such as announcement channels. An announcement channel is create as it allows members to receive notifications in their own servers, and see updates on the NFT project.

One of the most important steps when you setup a NFT Discord server is to add embedded channel messages. Embedded messages will be indented and formatted to look as professional as possible. When creating the messages you can set a custom name and profile picture, allowing the message to appear as if it came from the server, and not a user. We highly recommend using message embeds for the information channels in your NFT server.

In this tutoiral we also show you how to setup an auto mod and moderation settings using Dyno bot. This allows you to remove a lot of spam or profanity from your server even when you’re offline. It is vital to keep your server as friendly and professional as possible as you grow your NFT project and brand.

The server can be customized as you like, with different emojis and channel names. We recommend customizing the channel and category names to match your NFT project so the Discord server has a unique feel.

In this guide we show you how to add a verification system to your NFT Discord server. A good verification system helps prevent spam and bot accounts from gaining access to the server.

When you make a Discord server you will need to create an invite link for the server. Typically the invite will direct to the rules channel in the server. You should set the invite link to never expire and have unlimited uses so it can be shared on your social accounts.

NFT Discord Template:
Carl bot:
Dyno bot:
Message Templates:

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▶ Discord Server:

00:00 Create NFT Server
00:39 Developer Mode
00:53 Basic Server Settings
02:16 Server Roles Explained
04:34 Edit Roles
06:25 Enable Community
07:31 Server Screening
09:19 Server Moderation
10:18 Setup Server Rules
12:53 Verification System
15:34 Welcome Screen
16:42 Setup Dyno Bot
18:27 Server Logs
19:29 Auto Mod
24:12 Moderation Settings
25:53 Commands
28:03 Announcements Channel
29:06 Server Emojis
29:50 About & FAQ Channels
31:30 Booster
32:32 Customizing Channels
33:05 Creating New Channels
33:34 Promotions Channel
34:36 Invite Link
35:21 Edit Embedded Messages

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